The school children in Mwandi, Zambia are one such example. Severe drought has left many families without adequate food and children have been forced to drop out of school because they no longer have the energy to walk there.

Thanks to your generous support, World Renew has been feeding hungry people for more than 50 years. In Zambia, this includes providing a lunch of maize porridge to school children so that they get a nutritious meal and can stay in school.  It also includes food for their families and the construction of school gardens and irrigation systems so that the school lunch program can continue even after World Renew’s assistance is over.

This project was made possible through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, an organization owned and made up of 15 churches and church-based organizations who work together to provide a Christian response to hunger. Through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Canadian farmers donate gifts of grain and other crops to members like World Renew. Rural and urban Christians also support this ministry financially through church offerings, individual gifts, or support for community growing projects. 

What they give is matched generously by the Canadian government, up to 4:1, multiplying the amount of resources available to feed hungry people around the world. Last year, through this amazing partnership, Canadian churches fed over a million hungry people around the world. 

This food assistance not only meets people’s basic nutritional needs, but also serves as a concrete reminder of God’s love and compassion. This, in turn, gives people the hope they need to rebuild their lives.

Today, more than ever, World Renew needs your support to respond to the needs of the world’s hungry.  Our account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is at an all-time low due to the unprecedented level of recent disasters to which World Renew has responded.  Please give generously on Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday because hope is something that shouldn’t have to be rationed.

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