The current food security crisis that many African countries face is enormously complex. Conflict, displacement, drought, floods, and disease have combined to threaten the most vulnerable: women and children. Conflict has left millions without access to food, and the effects have spilled over into neighboring countries leaving countless more are at risk of famine.

Despite the immense complexity, our response should be simple: pray and give.

Those living through this crisis want their voices to be heard. They want the world to understand the reality of this heartbreaking situation: disproportionately the victims of this crisis are innocent children who may not live until the age of five.

Though news of this crisis is now reaching North American airwaves, it’s too late for some. Thousands have already died of starvation and millions more go to bed hungry every night. How long can children live without food to eat? How will parents continue to raise their children if they cannot feed themselves?

This is the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II.

Yet, there is reason to be hopeful. Those in need have not been forgotten.

Through the generous support of individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations World Renew is supporting thousands in South Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. This assistance is reaching those who are malnourished and on the brink of starvation, as well as those who will face the same circumstances in the coming months if something is not done now.

But those receiving lifesaving assistance are not passive recipients. They are mothers and fathers working tirelessly to provide for their children, striving to find what work they can and buying the food they can afford.

Take Sarah, for example. She is a South Sudanese woman who lived peacefully in her village with three children until fighting descended upon their community in February. It was no longer safe to stay, but fleeing meant leaving everything she knew and owned behind, going on a long and dangerous journey. Sarah made the difficult choice to leave in search of safety.

Under the oppressive heat of South Sudan’s hottest month, Sarah and her three children walked 130 kilometers from their home to a resettlement camp, where thousands of other South Sudanese families were also taking refuge from the conflict.  This young family arrived safely, but the long journey left Sarah’s 1-year old daughter, Martha, visibly malnourished.

In the camp Sarah connected with World Renew’s partner in South Sudan who is providing nutrient-rich food to malnourished children. Martha was admitted to this feeding program and received food every day, which has helped her recover from malnutrition. Sarah doesn’t know what might have happened to her daughter without this assistance.

At the same time, without the dedication and tireless work of Sarah, Martha may never have received the help she needed. There are many others, just like Sarah, who are working tirelessly to provide for their families. Will you join World Renew in assisting families like Sarah?

Despite the immense complexity, our response should be simple: pray and give. We pray to the God who loves us and cares deeply about the poor, hungry and oppressed. And through your generous support, World Renew can help even more families affected by famine and drought.

In Canada, all donations made before June 30 will be matched by the Canadian government, in addition to the existing match from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, up to 4:1! With these matches, gifts will go up to five times further to feed the hungry.

Please give generously to support World Renew’s famine and drought response.

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