The Southern Africa Ministry team is one of World Renew’s five regional teams. It represents the ministry and partnerships going on in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Madagascar.

World Renew has been at work in this region since 1989. God has blessed this ministry richly and yet suffering in the region persists.   The region has some of the worst stunting rates in the world.  According to UNICEF figures all these countries have childhood stunting rates at over 44% of the population with Malawi at close to 48% and in Madagascar over half of the children are stunted.  Stunting is an irreversible condition which inhibits both physical and intellectual development of children.  It is caused by poor nutrition, low birthweight and recurrent disease in children under 5.  

The region continues to suffer increasingly variable rainfall patterns which cause both flooding and drought.  This duo of disasters coupled with locust invasions and decreased soil fertility has spelled disaster for all too many small-holder farmers in the region.

In the face of these key challenges World Renew has developed a three pillared approach to our work in the region.  Building on a foundation of local church and community empowerment we will focus on Improving farm yields and crop diversity, increasing household income and assets through livelihoods programming and decreasing stunting and child mortality through improving maternal and child nutrition.

World Renew intends to capitalize on the energy and the skills of the people in Southern Africa to foster resilience and sustain lasting change in the region.

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