Stressed and Stuck

2019-10-15T18:54:25+00:00November 9th, 2018|Blog, Malawi|

MALAWI - We all experience stress. When I am back in the US, I see my brother or sister-in-law rushing from work to pick up the kids from school to take them to doctor’s appointments - all this while work is calling them with questions! At the end of the night, they are exhausted. They don’t understand why and they are kicking themselves because they feel inadequate.

How Do You Teach Creativity?

2019-10-15T20:18:08+00:00August 6th, 2018|Blog, Food Security, Malawi|

MALAWI - I often wonder: How do you teach creativity? How do you help people to want to innovate, to risk exploring the unknown and gamble a sure thing for something that could potentially not work at all? How do you convince people to use the little resources they have to purchase or create something new? When there are limited resources, few people dare to try. If they fail, they could be laughed at, or worse, their family could be without needed resources.

Homemade Fertilizer – Priceless

2019-10-15T20:49:47+00:00May 15th, 2018|Blog, Economic Opportunity, Food Security, Malawi, Mozambique|

MALAWI - Several years ago there was a credit card commercial with the recurring theme of priceless. So what does that have to do with World Renew’s work in Malawi? Read on. Farmers in Southern Africa frequently request help accessing fertilizer. Their soil is highly degraded and in need of regeneration. But as the population rapidly grows, less arable land is available to allow for proper fallow. Fertilizer is expensive and, if you borrow money to buy it and the rains are irregular, then it will have been wasted and the end result is greater poverty. What can be done?

Now You Are The Body of Christ

2019-10-15T18:54:26+00:00May 3rd, 2018|Blog, Malawi|

I have been in Atlanta for over a month now. I came back to the United States to care for my mom. She is suffering cirrhosis of the liver and is waiting for a liver transplant. Because her liver doesn’t function the way it should, her kidneys are not doing well. She is jaundiced; she can’t sleep at night because her skin itches; her lungs and abdomen sometimes fill with fluid. When this happens, she can’t breathe so she has to go to the hospital and have the fluid drained. Because when one organ does not work, everything is affected.