Country Context

At 947,300 square kilometers (365,754 square miles), Tanzania is the 31st largest country in the world. It is approximately the size of British Columbia, twice the size of California. Most people live in peace and enjoy an environment rich in natural resources. An increasing number of rural people are moving into towns and cities.

Tanzania has achieved high growth rates based on its vast natural resource wealth and tourism with GDP growth in 2009-17 averaging 6%-7% per year. Dar es Salaam used fiscal stimulus measures and easier monetary policies to lessen the impact of the global recession and in general, benefited from low oil prices. Tanzania has largely completed its transition to a market economy, though the government retains a presence in sectors such as telecommunications, banking, energy, and mining.

The economy depends on agriculture, which accounts for slightly less than one-quarter of GDP and employs about 65% of the work force, although gold production in recent years has increased to about 35% of exports. All land in Tanzania is owned by the government, which can lease land for up to 99 years. Proposed reforms to allow for land ownership, particularly foreign land ownership, remain unpopular.

World Renew in Tanzania

World Renew began working in Tanzania in early 1990 through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), with programs that included health care, agriculture, and income generating activities with groups of women and young unemployed boys and girls.

After two years of working with ELCT, World Renew was formally registered in Tanzania in October 1993. That opened doors for World Renew to work with other like-minded Churches and Christian NGO’s to reach out to the most vulnerable community members in various parts of Tanzania.

Volunteering in Tanzania: Phil & Jannetta VandenBerg


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World Renew Partners In Tanzania


Our programs together have focused on transforming communities in Tanzania’s Lake Zone in Geita, Mwanza and Mara regions through training in agriculture, income generating activities, savings and credit groups, adult literacy, support for orphans, widows and people living with HIV and AIDS. 

AICT and World Renew have also strengthened communities’ capacity to plan and implement their own development activities and have developed leadership skills in the communities and in the Diocesan offices.

AICT Diocese of Geita

World Renew has been working with AICT Geita Diocese since 2007. AICT Geita is working in twelve rural communities in the Diocese of Geita, in their partnership with World Renew

AICT Diocese of Mara Ukerewe

World Renew has been working with AICT Diocese of Mara Ukerewe since 2009. AICT MUD is working in thirty-seven communities in their partnership with World Renew. 

**Currently World Renew is seeking to increase funding for Conservation Agriculture with our account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank; this is ongoing until March 2020