Conservation Agriculture

May 15, 2018 by Steve Sywulka

Homemade Fertilizer - Priceless

MALAWI - Several years ago there was a credit card commercial with the recurring theme of priceless. So what does that have to do with World Renew’s work in Malawi? Read on. Farmers in Southern Africa frequently request help accessing fertilizer. Their soil is highly degraded and in need of regeneration. But as the population rapidly grows, less arable land is available to allow for proper fallow. Fertilizer is expensive and, if you borrow money to buy it and the rains are irregular, then it will have been wasted and the end result is greater poverty. What can be done?

Mar 24, 2018 by Jim Zylstra

3800 Farmers and their Families

(TANZANIA) World Renew is one of 15 member agencies of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. World Renew Tanzania and our implementing partner, Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT), are in the middle of a 5-year Conservation Agriculture (CA) program, with World Renew resources supplemented by funds from Global Affairs Canada through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Mar 20, 2018 by Mark VanderWees

Twenty Seven Pounds of Beans

(NICARAGUA) Let me tell you a story about Martha Adilia and her twenty seven pounds of beans. Martha lives with her teenage daughter Meyling in the community of Pitahaya, located in the foothills of the mountains in central Nicaragua. I met Martha while on a field trip with World Renew’s local partner, Asociación de Jóvenes Cristianas (ASJ). During the past year we had been working on a pilot project there to promote conservation agriculture.

Dec 19, 2017 by Irene Zepeda de Murillo

Producing with Conservation Agriculture

Nery Antunez is a farmer from the community of Cañada Galana. Nery grows corn, red beans, and other vegetables. He is very passionate about farming and is currently part of a farmers’ group in his community, as well as a member of a village savings and loan association. Nery is very happy with, and grateful to God for, the great support of the sustainable livelihoods program provided by World Renew and our Honduran partner,  Diaconia Nacional.

Dec 13, 2017 by Faye Yu

Stand in the Gap in Malawi

It is hot and the land is parched. In the last three years, his rural village in the south has experienced flash flooding, locusts, armyworms, and drought. Each year there is something that makes it difficult for the 61-year-old man to feed his family through farming.  

Dec 10, 2017 by Barbara Kayanja

Male and Female, Both Image Bearers of God

One of the poorest villages in the district of Butyama, Kibubwa recorded high rates of domestic violence and child marriage and low rates of girls’ enrollment in school. Women were not allowed to speak in public, did not own their own land but were required to provide labor on the farm, and were not permitted to participate in household or child-rearing decisions. In addition, there was no church and many villagers held to traditional beliefs and did not believe in God.

Sep 26, 2017 by Paul Kaufman

"I have never seen such an amazing harvest!"

This season was different. This year, he and his family used conservation agriculture methods in preparing their land. “This year,” says Mr. Muhabe joyfully, “I have harvested 18 bags of corn!! It is an amazing thing for my family to see, because for more than 15 years I have never harvested even HALF of what this season produced. I have never,” he exclaims, “seen such an amazing harvest from this portion of land since I was born in 1949!”

Sep 7, 2017 by Stephan Lutz

Conservation Agriculture Takes Hold

Ruth Ikaru shows off her her crops to representatives of the Canadian High Commission and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Jun 7, 2017 by Paul Kaufman

Conservation Agriculture Success in Tanzania

Two years ago, the northwest region of Geita, Tanzania had an unusually short rainy season. The harvests were small and even nonexistent — except in the village of Igate, where one farmer agreed to use his land as a conservation agriculture demo plot.