Serving God’s Kingdom in East Africa

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KENYA - About two years before I joined the East Africa Ministry Team with World Renew, I started reflecting on my role as a Christian in community development. At that time, I had worked for and built many secular organizations—community-based health care, microfinance, microenterprise development, and global health leadership—but had a certain emptiness.

Access to Markets

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KENYA - Francis Mukui is a zucchini farmer in the Mundoro area of the settlement of Kiganjo in south central Kenya. Now twenty-six years old, he has been farming for the last two years but has had trouble finding markets for his product. “Zucchini are delicate products,” he says. “Once they mature, they must get to market immediately, otherwise they are wasted.” Mr. Mukui has also struggled to grow a product of high-enough quality. Between the fragile nature and inconsistent quality of his product, he says he used to lose up to 100 kgs in a week, and so almost gave up on farming.

Renewed Hope

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(KENYA) James Mwangi is 20 years old and lives in the village of Mariguiti in Mundoro region of Kiganjo settlement of Kenya. Although he finished high school two years ago, poor high school grades (mostly due to frequent disruptions to his education) and insufficient family finances meant that James could not attend college and therefore stood little chance for meaningful employment.

Full Circle in Butiama

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(KENYA) We were headed to the northern village of Butiama to carry out an evaluation for the sustainable livelihoods program there. As we drove from Mwanza through Musoma, we passed the entrance of Serengeti National Park. I could not help but marvel at the wonderful creation of God. I was reminded that our world belongs to Him.

3800 Farmers and their Families

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(TANZANIA) World Renew is one of 15 member agencies of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. World Renew Tanzania and our implementing partner, Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT), are in the middle of a 5-year Conservation Agriculture (CA) program, with World Renew resources supplemented by funds from Global Affairs Canada through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.