Cambodian Youth Become Agents of Change

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CAMBODIA - Fifty percent of the population of Cambodia is under the age of 24. What a lot of potential for developing more resilient, transformed, and healthy Cambodian communities! But the Cambodian public education system is struggling, especially in rural areas.

From Hunger to Abundance: God’s Resources + Our Minds

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WORLDWIDE - World Renew finds great joy in our work when we discover resources in God’s creation that can feed hungry people and restore worn-out farmland. When we join our knowledge and experience with the knowledge and experience of farmers to test creative ideas, we often find abundance where there was hunger and joy where there was deprivation.

Youth Empowerment is Alive!

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Youth all over the world are saying “Enough is enough!” and taking action on serious social issues affecting them, their friends, and families. Cambodian youth are no different. Young people here are agents of change, bringing awareness to community problems and exploring ways to address them. World Renew and its local partners in Cambodia have facilitated the creation of 23 youth groups in four provinces. In late fall 2017, World Renew organized a camp in Phnom Penh for over forty youth from these clubs. The students were given the task of identifying the number one issue facing youth in their communities. They agreed that the growing use of and addiction to drugs was the most severe threat facing their communities.

What is Courage?

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Duong Thoeun is a courageous woman. This Cambodian mother of three young children had the courage to try to something different, to say no to the “usual way” and now, with the help of her children, earns $7 a day from her cucumber harvest—pretty good money in rural Cambodia!

Garment Worker Turned Successful Farmer

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Working in a garment factory is a good source of income, but it’s also tedious work far from home. Many young Cambodian women living in rural areas leave to work in the garment industry. But when they return to their villages, they are faced with finding sustainable work that can support their families. Farming remains a good career option for those who return to rural areas, but learning agricultural techniques is challenging. Thary Kong is an example of how a young woman can return home and learn the skills she needs to have a successful farming career.