Producing with Conservation Agriculture

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Nery Antunez is a farmer from the community of Cañada Galana. Nery grows corn, red beans, and other vegetables. He is very passionate about farming and is currently part of a farmers’ group in his community, as well as a member of a village savings and loan association. Nery is very happy with, and grateful to God for, the great support of the sustainable livelihoods program provided by World Renew and our Honduran partner,  Diaconia Nacional.

Earth Day 2017

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Today, World Renew joins over one billion people around the globe in recognizing Earth Day, a celebration of the beauty and wonder of creation and a demonstration of support for environmental protection. World Renew is committed to advancing practices that improve the lives of those who are in need while protecting and nourishing the land from which we all live.

Vegetable Gardening and Increased Food Security

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The Ramos family lives in the community of Guacoca, Honduras. Anibal and Yadira, the father and mother, and their two children, Jose and Nayeli, are actively involved in the Sustainable Livelihoods program developed by World Renew’s partner Diaconia Nacional in the Olancho region. In particular, the Ramos family has been involved in sustainable agriculture training and has successfully implemented what they have learned through the program.