Improved Agriculture, Improved Lives

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HONDURAS - When you think of a hardworking farmer, you may not think of a stay-at-home mother with seven children, but Pilar Martinez from Cañada Galana, Honduras, is both. She has her own plot of land that she works with the help of her husband to provide enough food for their five daughters and two sons. Though she works hard with great motivation, she has had her share of struggles in the past.

Learning and Sharing

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Marta Alicia Choc-Cal is a young leader, volunteering time to make a difference for the health of her own daughter and her neighbors’ children. Marta is actively involved in a four-year pilot project to address the high rates of stunting in Guatemala. Simply defined as below-average height for age, stunting is actually a result of malnutrition and other factors that has complicated and lifelong negative impacts on children who suffer from it. Two years ago, I wrote about our intentions to respond to the issue with ADIP, an indigenous association and long-time partner of World Renew. Recently I had the privilege of returning to the area where ADIP works to witness the new learning there.

On Chickens and Security

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Bitelia Vega lives in Buena Vista, a community located on a mountain in the department of Yoro. Families in Buena Vista practice an agricultural way of life: farmers produce coffee, corn, beans and vegetables which they sell in nearby communities. Alfalit, a World Renew partner in Honduras, has been promoting sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth initiatives among farmers in Buena Vista, with a special emphasis on supporting women in income-generating activities.

Producing with Conservation Agriculture

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Nery Antunez is a farmer from the community of Cañada Galana. Nery grows corn, red beans, and other vegetables. He is very passionate about farming and is currently part of a farmers’ group in his community, as well as a member of a village savings and loan association. Nery is very happy with, and grateful to God for, the great support of the sustainable livelihoods program provided by World Renew and our Honduran partner,  Diaconia Nacional.

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